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Welcome to a New Beginning!

Greetings and thank you for visiting Dr. Shonta Smith International.  As you journey through life remain focused on improving yourself.  Be positive and surround yourself with positive people.  Once you begin to work on yourself you can begin to help others.  The road ahead won’t be easy, but I encourage you to stay focused.  Use yesterday to build tomorrow.  The only way to continue is to move forward and get rid of the baggage that holds you back.  Never give up and never quit.  Keep believing and know the finish line is within arm’s reach.   Start today and make the rest of your life the best of your life.



The Essence of Education: Daily Meditations for the Soul is breath taking. It allows you to think, reflect, process, and take action on being the change you want to see. It looks at some of the many challenges educators, students, and citizens face in the home, school, and community. Using the mantra "One Team-One Goal-One Band-One Sound" Dr. Smith paints a vivid picture for you to exercise discipline, diligence and excellence.



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The Essence of Education

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Dr. Shonta M. Smith is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Dr. Shonta Smith International.

Based out of St. Louis MO, Dr. Shonta Smith International provides services to professional corporations and institutions in the education field. The company's mission is to help provide schools and institutions with the highest quality education possible to our youth and to assist teachers principals and other education professionals excel in their............


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